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About Us

e3 Wealth Nashville is focused on changing the way families look at and approach retirement. We focus on educating and empowering our client family so retirement can be a fun and stress-free experience. In a world where the average financial advisor acts more as a middleman for investment product companies, we strive to stand apart by focusing on customer experience and satisfaction, strong written retirement plans, tax efficient long-term planning, and powerful risk mitigation tools. We believe that even though most financial firms are focused on how much you have and where they can invest it, that what is most important first and foremost, is what you want to do in retirement, and how you want your life to be lived.

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The e3 Wealth family spans across the US with primary office hubs in Austin TX, St. Lois MO, and Nashville TN. We serve clients from all walks of life striving to educate and empower those who elect to be a member of our client family. e3 Wealth Nashville invites you to learn more about our national e3 team by visiting our e3 Wealth Team page here or learn more about our Nashville team here.